Exceed Expectations

We strive to always exceed clients' expectations by providing world class service and advice on all legal matters and to provide local excellence far and above global standards.

Working Environment

Our vision is to maintain an open and honest working environment where there is room for development, growth and achievement.

Push Ourselves

We strive to constantly learn about our environment and push ourselves beyond the limit to remain innovative, productive and achieve results.

Debt Collection

Collection Department

In our debt collection department a debt collection matter is assigned to each collection agent in respect of each client. The collection agent knows the correct procedure to collect the debt of the client on the fastest way possible. If a dispute develops on a certain matter a suitable attorney at the appropriate level are assigned to the specific matter to resolve the matter with the debtor, alternatively take further instructions from the client, to achieve maximum cost efficiency.

Client Login

At all times we strive to work closely with our clients, and is this also the reason why client can actively monitor the progress on their debt collection matters via the login portal which they can find on our site or on the following link:

client login

We are one of the few Attorney practices which make use of an online login portal for our client which shows in live time, what the progress is on a matter and if the debtor has made payments to our offices. We furthermore make payments to our clients once a month, and clients can download documentation from our website indicating how the payover amount is derived at.

We Suit Your Needs

Since we know that each client has different needs, we have different types of collection agreements in place to suite our clients specific needs, for example a 100% capital back (client has to pay our real expenses) and a 75% contract where there is no cost risk for our client.

75% Afr Kontrak   100% Afr Kontrak

75% Eng Contract   100% Eng Contract

Debtors Book

In certain circumstances we will also buy debtors books which is open for negotiations with our firm. The following factors will be taken into consideration when the firm is buying a debtors book – the age of the debt and industry of which the debt has its origin, number of accounts and the capital size of each separate account.




Welcome to Esterhuyze Inc

Esterhuyze Inc. is a law firm based in Worcester and Tygervalley in the Western Cape, South Africa. The firm of Esterhuyze Inc serves its clients in a professional and personal style with experienced and loyal staff building on almost a century of legal expertise and knowledge. The firm is a full service law firm and provides a complete range of legal services to clients. Key services provided include commercial, property, litigation, debt collections and many other service areas on which clients can draw.

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